So, we’ve finally crossed the finish line for 2014, and to think that, for least a short while, the race would be over for a while. I’ll admit, I fell short of a few of the goals I had in store for 2014; goals such as losing weight (happened for a while, then un-happened), living healthier (yeah, f*ck you October), saving money (LOL), and other minor little goals here and there.

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsNeedless to say, I suck at meeting goals in my own life. But, and yes I’m going to drive you grammar nazi’s crazy with using but in the start of a sentence, I think 2014 honestly turned out well for me. Main reason being, I finally started to learn how to live for myself. Getting your own place and dealing with the problems that life throws your way has been a learning experience for me, one that I needed for a long while.

I won’t lie to you all, I’ve had my ups and downs over the last year living alone. You learn you have to manage a lot of little things to make a good living for yourself. Budgeting, basic housework, keeping contact with friends, family, and neighbors alike, I could put a laundry list of things you have to get used to. But (and yes theres the but again, come after me), I think the most important lesson I can take from this is learning to be self-sufficient, something that I was in desperatlely short supply on.

So, now I have made it through yet another year on this spinning ball of dust and rock, it’s time to tackle 2015 by the proverbial throat, because frankly I’m sick and tired of not meeting my own expectations. In no particular order…

1) Lose the weight, and keep it off: Last year I started around the 360 lb. mark, this year I’m down a bit around 350. Not good enough in my freshly minted book. I want down to below 300, preferably before Summer starts up. While I means watching what I cook and cutting down on what I eat (including soda’s and fast food), it also means dealing with one of my biggest problems: using food as a means of comfort/dealing with stress. Can’t do it any more. If I’m going to de-stress, I need to hit the weights, or punch a soft inanimate object to de-stress.

make-money-roadsign_4802) Save Money: This has always been one of my biggest challenges I’ve dealt with. When I get paid, I want to spend it on comforts (such as oh, food). It’s led to overspending, and to many times before I’ve had to borrow from friends and family alike. No more, to use an old cliche, “The buck stops here.” No more excess spending, no more gouging my wallet with fast foods and big gulp sodas. No more. This also includes paying down the debts I still have as well.

3) Be more social: When I first moved into my own place, the idea of living alone was an attractive option at the time. My own little mountain of solace and solitude so to speak (geeky I know). However, as much as I enjoy such peace and quiet, I really just overdid it and kept myself confined to my tiny piece of the world. So this year, I’m going to enjoy this world about me, and everything it has to offer. Weather just hanging out with family or friends, enjoying the sights and sounds, I need to experience these things in moderation.

034) The Blog/Twitch: I know, you guys and gals are wondering what happened to all the posts and such that were on here, let alone while the site went silent for so long. Partially this was my fault, thanks to a billing snafu with my provider (pro tip: keeping your card information up to date is a good thing). When I got access back to it, the database for my wordpress was wiped clean, and having not touched it for months on end, I didn’t have a good backup. Thus why I ended up wiping the slate clean on things, and why I’ve committed myself to keeping this site update on a regular basis. I’d love to do daily updates if possible, but as long as I’m keeping the website fresh, it’s a good start. Also, I’m working on a new comp which will be specifically for gaming/live streaming. I want to give you all the best I can offer, and for that I need the best. If I can hold down my goals for this year, I’m hoping that will happen sooner rather than later.

Also, for those looking for some of my Pathfinder guides, fear not. I am already working on new and improved versions of my guides. Please look forward to them soon.

5) And the most important resolution of all, is to simply be myself. No compromises, no more thinking “I can’t”, or worse that “I won’t”. I need to be bold and tell myself, despite what others thing, that “I can” and “I WILL.”

A Clean Slate

The page lies blank, the slate has been cleaned. The pen lies in hand, so let us begin once again.

Welcome to 2015, and welcome back to the panic!

 (Will be working out a few backside bugs over the weekend. and we appreciate your patience! Happy new year all!)