Eidolon: Chapter 4 (Entropy)

Evening everyone. Just a quick update tonight. Taking a bit of a breathing this evening from the rewrite work and all, so tonight here’s a look at the original version of chapter 4 of Eidolon, where things really, really start to get weird for our heroes.

So without further adieu, enjoy the entropy, and we’ll see you all tomorrow for… well, something. I haven’t decided just yet!

Eidolon: Chapter 4 — Entropy


Gone Camping!

Hey everybody, Dennis here once again. Now I know people are expecting some sort of corny or imaginative April Fools Day prank on my site on a day. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I didn’t really have time to plop one together this year, so you all will have to make do with whatever is out there online. I heard Google has a dozy this year for everyone.

Still, we’ve got some really exciting stuff to talk about this afternoon. With springtime finally in the air, and the warm weather at last upon us, it’s time to get cracking on the big spring projects. And with that, it’s due time to lace up the old hiking boots and head to camp!

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Live From The Armageddicon!

Testing testing! We are live! It’s officially day one of Anime Punch‘s 8th year of it’s premier convention, Armageddicon. This will be be my 6th year with the wild crew of Anime Punch, and once more I find myself in the familiar confines of a dark game room, aglow with the lights and sounds of dozens of games both old and new. Ah, is it ever a familiar comfort!

I’ll be updating the blog throughout the weekend with all the awesome events going down (work and lack of sleep non-withstanding). Stay tuned for more live from the Armageddicon throughout the weekend!

Sieg Zeon!


Building a Better Bard — Enter the Duelist!

Okay, so back in August, I wrote a post about how to build a better support bard in Pathfinder using Pathfinder Society as our basis. Since then I’ve had a few additional insights into the job, and I wanted to share those with you all today. It’s time to take the bard to the next level.

If your looking for the original post this article is based upon, you can find it here — Building a Better Bard: The Support Bard

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