The Open Road

It’s difficult to imagine that so many years have passed now. So many seasons since you left us for the rest of God’s heaven. I could never be honest in saying that these many years since have been easy. Far from it, they’ve been some of the most difficult years of my life. There were times not a moment of my life passed without the thought of your passing crossed my mind, remember back to that one moment that so defined my life for all the years that passed.

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Sick Time

I apologize for the lack of updates over the last few days. I had some more stuff in mind for the in-character journal and so forth, but apparently Origins gave me something that I didn’t exactly want.

Con plague. More specifically a nasty bout of the flu. I may be out for a couple of more days. Until then, enjoy my feeble attempt at artistic mastery till I get better.



The Alchemy of Hope – A Pathfinder’s Journey (Entry 4)

This will be the last in-character update until after Origins this weekend.  I’m confirmed for 4 events so far over Friday and Saturday, with an additional 3 slated via generic ticket which I’ll fill in as needed. All of them except for Siege of the Diamond City will be played with Lenoria. So far here’s the list for the weekend:

Friday: Ruins of Bonekeep Level 2, Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread
Saturday: Sewer Dragons of Absalom, and Siege of the Diamond City (Arty’s retirement scenario).

If your at Origins this weekend, I’ll see you all there tomorrow! Till then, enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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Field Report — Thornkeep: The Forgotten Laboratory

The following is an in-character write up of our recent run through the 2nd level of Thornkeep: The Forgotten Laboratory, and includes spoilers for the scenario. If you have not had the pleasure of either playing or running this module, please check it out on the Paizo website. I had an absolute blast GMing this for my group the other day, and I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun.

For the record, I could have sworn that Dwarves had resistance to poison at some point in the past, but not here in Columbus for some reason. I had our Dwarf Inquisitor down to 2 Con while unconscious, literally at death’s bring. Failed every fort save, but managed to last out the poison damage. It was that close.

Anyways, enjoy and we’ll be seeing you all here at Origins later this week!

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midtree1-Brian Miller

The Alchemy of Hope – A Pathfinder’s Journey (Entry 2)

9 Sarenith, 4714 AR:
Today has been a long day.
I had awoken early in hopes of spending some time in the library of Skyreach to finish my field notes from our exploration into Thornkeep and the Forgotten Laboratory for presentation to VC Ambrus Valsin. After a short while, perhaps an hour at most, I found myself feeling quite unwell. Sudden fever, nausea, shakiness, shortness of breath, and more. Something was amiss, and in short order I was escorted over to the infirmary.
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The Alchemy of Hope – A Pathfinders Journey (Entry 1)

8 Sarenith, 4714 AR:
I have returned home to Absalom after completing our recent expedition of the Forgotten Laboratory level of Thornkeep in the Echo Woods. I’ve scarce had time to unpack my belongings, yet already I’ve been working to unravel the secrets this mad alchemist was formulating below the accursed halls. What sort of insanity could drive a man to derive such abominations out of the science of alchemy? It disgusts me, and yet, somehow I find myself intrigued by the implications of such. If only I could have reasoned with him, tried to help him. Maybe I could have found a way to undo what he had done.
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The Alchemy of Hope – A Pathfinder’s Journey (Prolouge)

To: VC Ambrus Valsin of the Grand Lodge of Absalom
From: Cygar; Senior Field Agent, Nirmathias (Written 9th day of Neth, 4710 AR)
Esteemed Venture-Captain
I send you greetings from the lands of Nirmathias, and the dusty streets of the town of Kassen.  As you have requested, I have dispatched a team of field agents to partake in the annual ritual known by the locals as the Quest of the Everflame, so that we may investigate the recent disturbing reports that have come from Kassen’s tomb.  I fear that your findings of Razmiran cult activity in the area has been confirmed, and I have sent our team to further investigate these new findings.
On a brighter note, I am most pleased to note the exceptional actions of a young local from Kassen by the name of Len Moonblossom. She, demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness and courage during the exploration of the Kassen’s tomb, and was also responsible in part for the saving our agents from a certain death at the hands of the reanimated remains of  Asar.
The girl is exceptionally intelligent, an expert in the alchemical arts despite limited teachings in such, as well as being highly knowledgeable in several fields of study. As such, I believe she possesses certain unique qualities that would serve the greater good of the society. Upon the verbal testimony of my agents, and at my sincerest recommendation, I officially request that she be welcomed as a full-fledged member of the society effective immediately.
May she ever walk the open road.
Your Servant,

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